Thursday, July 09, 2015

Searching for the Tows

Our niece, Allison, has been researching family with the help of  She has found some interesting things.  Bill's mother's 5th great grandfather, Christopher Tow, was born in Aberdeen in 1710. His son, Christopher R. Tow, was born in Aberdeen in 1730.  He immigrated to North Carolina, where his children were born. Christopher R. served in the 6th NC Regiment in the Revolutionary War and died at Valley Forge, April 1, 1778.  There are several places that bear the family name in Aberdeenshire.  Towie is one of these places, with only about a dozen houses, a primary school and a Church of Scotland.
The school is listed at the most active building in town.  Of course it is.

The Olde Manse; the nicest house in town, is next to the church.

The Church of Scotland is surrounded by the old graveyard.  The new graveyard is across the road.

Site of Towie Castle; now the Town Hall and church yard are built there.

The Town Hall, which is a meeting place and behind the church yard.
After finding Towie, while looking at the map to see where to go next, I spotted Towie Barclay Castle; the Towie's were part of the Barclay clan.  Off we went over tiny back roads to try and find the castle, which has been  privately owned by a Scottish folk singer and his wife since the 1970's.
Towie Barclay Castle

View from the gate.  There was a woman working in the green house, but she took little notice of Bill taking pictures.
We were able to find the castle, finally.  After parking the car in a pull out, Bill walked back to the castle to take a few photos.  It really is a lovely place.

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