Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cars, Cars, Cars

Once the plant grows up this is going to be a very unique Mini.
In the little village of Bourton on the Water, is the Cotswold Motor Museum and Toy Collection.  Started by an individual, then sold to CSMA, a motoring club, this museum is full of cars, motoring memorabilia, advertising items, everywhere you look there is something different.
I would have brought it home, but I couldn't figure out how to get it in my purse.

Advertising signs all the way to the ceiling.

Michelin Man ready to fill your tires with air.
Bill and I have owned, and enjoyed, several English cars, so this was a fun museum for us.  They also had things to keep the kids occupied so their parents could look.  I loved the jokes. 
What do you call Batman and Robin when they been run over by a steamroller?
Flatman and Ribbon

Recognize this?  The first model of BMW to use their now distinctive front grill.

These look like fun!  The toy part of the collection.

This little car had actually been legally licensed to drive on the road.  The garage that built it used it to pick up parts and make small deliveries.

The buildings are made from Cotswold Stone, a type of sandstone.

They thought it was warm enough to play in the water.  I did go so far as to take off my sweater.

A little bridge across a little river.
The town of Bourton on the Water has a small river which runs right through the middle of town. The banks are grassed for picnicing or just lounging around. One side has restaurants and shops while the other is the main road, with shops on the far side. We weren't the only ones enjoying the weather.

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