Monday, August 29, 2011

Knighton Fair

The last of the summer Bank Holidays is a weekend for festivals and fairs.  Knighton's Fair started with a parade.  Knighton isn't very big, so everyone in the parade knew everyone watching the parade, except for us.  Nothing fancy about the floats or costumes, but boy were they having fun!
First came the Band.

Little Princesses

Baby strollers, and babies, decorated for the different holidays.

Hawaii comes to Wales.

The pilots, Moms, with their airplanes.  Each stroller was a different company.

Who are these guys?

This group reminded me of the Rodeo parades with Redding Co-op Preschool. 


Drum corp.

How did that Saguaro Cactus get to Knighton?

This band had a militay insignia on their shirts.

More Saguaros!
I don't know what the theme of the parade was, or even if there was a theme.  There did seem to be alot of Americana involved.  Cowboys and Indians.  Cowboys and Saloon Girls.  Indians and Teepees.  Hawaii.  Walt Disney World.  No matter, they were having a good time!

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