Monday, August 22, 2011

Fos-y-Rhiew Part 1

The kitchen door to the house.  The roof has new solar panels, which we are having great fun keeping track of how much energy they make and save.
We may be in Shropshire, but most of the words around us are in Welsh.  Our new 'home' is an ancient farmhouse that has been renovated.  The part where our bedroom is was orginally the barn.  The main bathroom used to be where they slaughtered the pigs, then hung them to salt and dry. 

Jazz going into one of the barns.

Fish waiting for us to throw the ball. 
As we drove to the gate, we were greeted by 5 dogs, all barking and vigorously wiggling their tails.  Boy and Jazz are fox terriers, and brothers.  Bran-ddu (pronounced Brandy) is a spanielxlabrador, and visiting for a few days are Fox, a tiny fox terrier, with Fish a spaniel.  Fox is the only female.  She is very patient. 

Ziggy and Bibi in their upper pasture.
We are soon introduced to the horses.  Ziggy Stardust, a cob pony, and Bibi, a small pony.   There is also Clarence the Cockerel and 5 hens, one of whom is named BadEye.  We think this is going to be a wonderful place to stay!

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