Saturday, August 13, 2011


This is not about the food, but about the collie, Chocolate.  She is a warm brown and white with the most beautiful brown/yellow eyes.  We go for a walk twice a day, then a short stroll before bedtime.  Chocolate is very well trained, never needs a lead, comes when called or whistled for, and gets along great with other dogs. She also sits and heels.  What she doesn't do are tricks.  No hand shake, no dead dog, no lie, but who needs tricks, really?

Chocolate pointing at her "ball", a round fruit from one of the trees in the lane.  She finds one she likes, then I have to pick it up and throw it, if she feels like letting me.  If you make the picture bigger, you can see the tiny green fruit.
 Chocolate loves to play.  She doesn't need a toy, just a stick or the small round fruit that falls from the trees in the lane.  She will fetch, sometimes, others she points at the object, than just as you get close, she pounces on it and shasays off down the lane.  What a tease!
Chocolate and her stick.  Love the tail in the air!

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