Friday, August 12, 2011

Jousting Anyone?

The Jester enters.

A Blue Knight

A Red Knight, but really who can take anyone seriously who has a pig on their helmet!

A Red knight enters.

This was the most beautiful horse, ever.  We decided it was a trained in the Spanish Riding School Style.

Blue takes the field.
The day we visited Blenheim Castle there was a Jousting Tournament.  Competing were four knights on beautiful horses, accompanied by the Queen (who also kept score), several squires, a Master of the Weapons, and, most importantly, the Jester who was the Master of Ceremonies. 

The Blue Knight rushed to throw down a challenge.

The Red Knight accepts the Blue Knights challenge.

Helmets on they smash into each other with their lances.
And Again!

and again until the Blue Knight it knocked off his horse!

The page runs out to aid her master.
The winner of the Joust.
The Blue Knight getting a ring.

Grabbing a ring while riding at full tilt.

One of the Red Knights is the winner with the rings.

The fighting was choreographed, but still had hard hits.  Several lances were broken on shields. There were soldiers of the King.  It rained really hard a few times.  All in all, a fun event!

A soldier of the King ready to do battle.

Some of the weapons were very realistic.  The Master of Arms, with the wonderful beard, gathered them back when the parade was finished.

The children were invited to parade around the grounds with weapons, after first being sworn in as Soldiers of the King.  They had to yell, as loudly as they could,  "We are soldiers of the King!"  Of course the first time wasn't loud enough, so they had to try again.  There were several of the children in costume, which were being sold on the grounds.  This is the kind of day they will remember when they have grown old.

Good thing he jumped back, that would have hurt.

The swords were hitting together hard!

These two were really smashing their swords together.
All of the horses were well trained and really played for the crowds.  We wondered if they weren't the breed used in the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.  They had the same prancing walk, especially the one the main Red Knight rode. 
The Red team did not win the tournament, but their horse was the most beautiful!

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