Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ziggy Starlight and Bibi

What a pair!  Ziggy is big, broad and black.  Bred to be a work horse.  Bibi is petite, red/brown and dainty.  Bred to be a play horse.  Ziggy is the leader.  Bibi makes suggestions.

The day the hounds met over the hill, both horses were hyper.  They thumped their stall doors.  Didn't co-operate when we were feeding them.  Whinnied repeatedly.  On the walk up to their pasture, they pulled and shoved and generally were a pain.  We had hardly gotten their harnesses off, when both of them took off running.  Down to the barn, turn, back towards us at full tilt!  Then Ziggy put all four feet down and slid on the wet grass.  Complete halt, followed by a pirouette as graceful as any ballerina's.  Looked briefly in our direction, and yes, I think she smiled, before taking off again.  They were having a ball!

By time to let them out into the bigger pasture, they had calmed down.  Both went to bed that night with no fuss and the next morning were their usual calm selves.  That's what noisey dogs do to you!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

You got to spend time with horses! So ridiculously jealous even if they were a bit bad. Your adventures seem so amazing!

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