Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oy Yea! Oy Yea! Oy Yea!

A Town Cryer ready for the competition.

The Ancient and Honorable Guild of Town Cryers held a meeting and competition in Knighton, Wales last Saturday.  Everyone was dressed in their best.  The competition was fierce but friendly.  One could tell where the Cryers lived by their closing statements.   If from England, they ended their speech with  "God save the Queen!".  If they were from Wales, "God bless the Prince of Wales!  God save the Queen!" 
Many of the men were accompanied by their lovely Ladies.

"God Save The Queen!"

This gentleman was one of my favorites!

The competitors watching the competition.
This is a truely English happening.  Where else would they have not only a Town Cryers Guild but a competiton to see who was the very best Town Cryer?  I'm glad we were able to be there!

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