Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Walk Around Paris

Panarama of the Seine.
We decided to go to Bertillion's Ice Cream on Ile de Cite.  Bertillion's is famous!  It's the best ice cream in Paris!  It closed for annual vacation until 17 September!  Business must be very good the rest of the year.
In the parvis in front of Notre Dame is Pont Zero, from which all the roads in France are measured.  It's the heart of France.

We meander around Paris.  Walking along the Left Bank of the Seine, there is a lot of construction going on near the river.  We are not sure exactly what it is though, it is very big.  There are several buildings with renovations in progress. The river is busy with tour boats.

Some of the boats are covered.

Others are opened topped. 
As in all of our meanders, at some point we end up at Eiffel Tower.  I am always amazed at it's engineering.  To think it was built as a gimmick to draw crowds to the World Exposition and 100+ years later, it is an unforgettable symbol of Paris.
The park at the tower is always full, and not just with tourists.  This day there were many Parisiens enjoying the park as well.
One of the locals playing in the park.
These two were with the one above.  They were all three very well mannered and trained.

Posing for the camera, but not with the tower in the picture,  so we wondered if they weren't locals as well.

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