Friday, August 26, 2011

Bill Meets The Rayburn

Bill and his newest toy,  The Rayburn.

Everyone knows Bill loves to cook.  Everyone knows Bill loves to cook over a fire, although it is usually charcoal in one of his Webers.  Meet The Rayburn.  A wonder really, as it cooks your food, warms your water and heats the house with radiators.  It also burns wood, but can work with peat or coal, as well.  A very versatile stove.

The cooktop with the cover down.
There is also a propane burner off ot the side for when you don't want to build a fire. 
You know, on those blistering hot days!

Covers up, ready to cook.
We heated our house for 18 years with a wood stove, so hauling wood and  building a fire was not a problem.  What has taken getting use to is starting the fire early enough to get the stove to cooking temperature.  We've had several loaves of bread that were done, but not browned.  Oh Horrors!

Inside the oven.  The firebox is the other door.
Last evening, we didn't use the Rayburn, since we had left overs that warmed on the burner.  What did that mean?  The water wasn't hot enough this morning to wash the breakfast dishes.  No worries, they are rinsed and stacked waiting for this evening when Bill will cook something with the stove and there will be hot water.

They have a little firewood, just in case.  This is only one very small section.
There are two other wood stoves in the house. One is in the dining room, the other in the lounge  The lounge stove is connected to the radiators in the barn end of the house.  Everything stays nice and cosy.

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