Monday, August 15, 2011

Fluffy and Sparky

Hello, my name if Fluffy.  Would you like to rub me?
There are two cats who live in the house with us.  We haven't seen them much, as they are outside cats.  There have been signs of their activities though; bits of mouse and voles in odd spots.  I think Sparky is the hunter.  Fluffy is very old and moves too slow to catch anything.

Sparky is camera shy.  The only way I could get a picture was to feed him.  He is solid black with bright yellow eyes.
Sparky has been spotted daily, as he sleeps upstairs by the shower room during the day.  He is also very good at letting me know he wants more canned food. 

Fluffy at the kitchen door.
Fluffy has been more reclusive, at least until Friday.  Thursday evening we heard a horrible yowling noise, which we took to be something getting attacked.  We found out later, part of the cry was from a fox.  Love YouTube. I stepped out on the back porch and called both cats, but neither came.  The next morning they were both in the house being unusually friendly.  We took pictures of them, then went about our daily routine.  That afternoon, Fluffy was still in the house.  As she turned to walk away from Bill, there was dried blood down one leg, starting near her tail.  On closer inspection, there was a 1 inch gash!  She had already cleaned the wound.  We called the owners, the husband being a doctor.  After many questions and descriptions, it was decided to let her be.  Wounds made by animals are not stitched, and gashes are usually not stitched after 6 hours.  Who knew?  We did keep both cats in the house that night.  If a fox was after Fluffy, it knew she was injured and where she lived.  She has stayed in every night since.
Are you sure you have already fed me?

One of our worst nightmares is having a pet die while in our care.  There is nothing we could do about a wild animal killing Fluffy, it's the nature of things, but we would still feel badly for both animal and owner.
If Fluffy wasn't so fluffy, she would be a very small cat.

Today is a beautiful, sunshiny day.  Chocolate and I saw Sparky in the lane when we went for our walk.  Fluffy is not as stiff when she walks.  Her fur is nice and clean.  She is still staying close.

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