Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Day in the Gardens

The Hidcote Manor House
We decided to do two places in one day.  They were close together, so driving from one to the other wouldn't be a problem, maybe.  Both were owned by the National Trust, so our entrance and parking were free.  Filled the car with gas and off we went!
This was the first garden that the National Trust took over.

First on the list was Hidcote Manor Garden.  The house was nothing special, with only two rooms set up for display, and the rest being used for the cafe and offices.  What was special were the gardens, built by an American who loved to grow things.  After he died, his heir, a nephew, kept the place for a while, then donated it to the Trust.

The center court of the White Garden.  Peek through the door way into the Old Garden.

The gardens are arranged like rooms, with doorways, so you can only catch a glimpes of what is to come.
Each garden had it's own planting theme; White, Fuschia, Alpine Terrace, Red Border, The Circle,  and more. I think my favorites were the Hydrangea Corner and the Old Garden.
If you have a tree like this, it's easy to make it the focal point of your garden.  The Old Garden, probably named for the tree.
One of hundreds of hydrangaes in the garden.

The number of different trees and flowering plants was overwhelming.  And, just think, most of them change with the seasons!  This is a place that would be beautiful anytime.
Pink flowers with purple leaves.

A variety of peonie.

The gardens also had a huge croquet court, all set up with mallets and balls ready to play.  My grandmother and I made one the summer I turned 10 in the side yard of her house.  It was maybe an eighth of this size and had very little grass!  She would have loved this one!

Isn't it beautiful?

Another peonie.

After looking at these wonderful gardens, it was time to head on to Snowshill Manor and Garden.  Were we in for a treat!

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