Thursday, August 04, 2011

The English Countryside

Cows ignoring us while we use their road.
A drive in the English countryside on a sunny day.  The roads are where they have been for hundreds of years, still meandering, crooked, narrow, but now paved. The one we were on had a gate across to keep the cows in.  Out of the car I hopped, to open and close the gate for Bill.  The cows were uninterested.
Did you know there were alligators in the Cotswolds?  They hide in the ferns and pretend to be a fountain, then, SNAP!

At a cross roads in an unnamed hamlet, an unexpected find.  The hamlet has a beauty of its own.  Flower topped stone walls surround the houses made of Cotswold stone.  Down the lane is a classic red phone booth.  Several people are walking by and wave as we meet. 

Rock walls, why the roads can not be widened.

House made from Cotswold stone, a type of limestone.

Classic red phone booth in the middle of the hamlet.
The fields of flowers we first saw from the other side of the valley.  From a distance, it was the color of brocolli.   On closer inspection, the flowers are blue on very tall stems.  We don't know why they are growing them, perhaps for seed?  Maybe the landowners like flowers!
A sea of blue flowers.

There were several adjoining fields of flowers.

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