Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Visit With Friends; The Best Part of Housesitting

Jude and David
In 2011, we accepted a housesit in Shropshire, England, just on the border with Wales.  The job included the care of 3 dogs, Boy, Jazz and Branduu, plus two horses, Ziggy Stardust and Bebe. Oh, and I can not forget the chickens ruled over by Clarence the Cockerel!  We had a wonderful time.

Ming is a Border Terrier who rules over all!
Thanks to Facebook, we have kept in touch with Jude and David, the homeowners and in the process, our friendship has grown.  We each have standing invitations to visit the other whenever the chance comes up.  Well, it wasn't by chance, but planning that we included a visit to Shropshire during our stay in the UK.

The members of the household have changed, with Jazz now gone, but it took two dogs to replace his presence, Ming and Morgan.  All the dogs greeted us when we arrived and opened the gate.  Once I started talking to Branduu, the attitude changed from barking guardians to this person knows us.  I love dogs!

We spent a 2 days talking, playing tourist with Jude and David, and looking at the changes they have made to their place in two years. We also spent a good deal of time convincing them they should visit Arizona.  I think we were successful, but only when Jude realized she would be just a few hours drive from the Grand Canyon.

Thanks for a wonderful time!

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