Saturday, September 21, 2013

There's a Storm Coming

Sunday morning we awoke to heavy clouds with occasional sprinkles.  We took a walk to the market in Vieux Nice to buy flowers as a gift for our luncheon hosts; Roxanne and Bruce, our homeowners from 2011.  It was good to visit with them again and to see their cats, Jack and Tess, even if Jack did sleep most of the visit.  By the time we returned home, the sky had mainly cleared.  No more rain today, or so we thought.  Good thing we aren't meteorologists.

The houses on the mountain are starting to disappear.
Now there are no houses at all.
What looks like specks on the picture are the huge raindrops.
There was beautiful bright sunshine over us, but the mountains to the north disappeared.   The wind came up, then the rain started in large, huge, drops.  The sun was still shining on the front of the apartment.  It rained for the better part of two hours.  For about half that time, it looked like the sun was still shining over by the beaches to the south.  Really odd.

When the rain is over, these odd shaped clouds start building in the east.
This storm really cleaned up the air, washed all the plants and buildings, and left the place much fresher.

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