Friday, September 27, 2013

Welcome to Kerylos Villa

Looking toward the entrance with the ocean just beyond the low wall.

A sundial on the house.

The side of the house.

The Villa at Kerylos is unique.  Built by Theodore Reinach,  a cousin of Beatrice Ephrussi-Rothschild, who was an archaeologist, among other things.  He spent a lot of time in Greece, then used his knowledge and collections to build this home. It is a rectangle with an opened courtyard in the center.  The home is on the edge of the water, so water views are from every room, as well as a service area for deliveries via boat into the cellars.
The central courtyard of the house.  The drains are fitted to collect rainfall into a cistern. 

The doorknobs are sculptures in their own right.

These doors lead into other parts of the house from the courtyard.
The house is built and decorated in a style the owner thought was appropriate for an ancient Greek home.  The tile, wall paintings and furniture are from designs found by archaeologists.  They have a website too, which is not an ancient design.
A Greek discus thrower in the entry garden.  Most of the statues are originals brought back from the owners many travels to Greece.

We really enjoyed visiting Kerylos, with Bill taking loads of pictures.  So, I'm dividing up the posts on the villa into separate themes, with more pictures than writing.  Hope you enjoy seeing it, too!

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