Thursday, September 26, 2013

Regatta of Nice - Trophee Panerai 2013

These are gaff rigged, a style not used too often anymore.  The one on the left is about 140 feet long, while the one on the right is only about 100.  These are Bill's best estimates of size.

 There had been posters up all over town announcing a regatta.  Bill walked down to watch on three days, I went twice.  These were no ordinary boats, however, they were old wooden masted beauties from between 1890 and 1940.

Ahoy, maties!
The races were difficult to follow, as boats of the same style were not always starting together.  Plus, there were several gunshots to start, over several minutes, instead of one.  As long as the crews knew what to do, I guess it doesn't matter that we were clueless.
Two of the smaller boats.

The boats were wonderful to watch, even if there wasn't much wind.  The regatta is a traveling one, as they were in Monaco the week before and left here going to Cannes.  Bill wants a job sailing on one next summer.    
Au Revoir!  Enjoy Cannes!

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