Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Mosaics of Kerylos

Chickens on the walls.
The mosaic are mainly on the floors, but there are a few which are used on walls.  The designs are from original mosaic in Greece.  Seeing the swastika was a bit startling, until I realized it was a very ancient symbol, misused by the Nazi.  Still, to see it in a house built by a Jew whose family would be decimated in WWII, was heart wrenching.
In the library.

There were several different animals used in this piece.

Why use a rug when a tile one will do?

There were several places where a round pattern incircles a room.

Another "rug", this one in the bathroom.

The swastika in the kitchen.

A design which ran around the edge of the room.

A "rug" in one of the bedrooms.

An assortment of designs which took up the entire floor of one room.

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