Monday, September 02, 2013

Riding on the Pink Ferry

There is a reason it's call the Pink Ferry!
Although we have been to the UK three times, we have never been able to match schedules with Ted and family.  Ted went to school with our daughter Amy, and his Mom aka BadMom, is a very good friend. (It's a long story.)

Waiting for the Pink Ferry.

Ana playing the back yard.
Well, third time was the charm.  We drove to their home from Alderholt to spend the afternoon.  It was a special day as their son, Rafa, had just returned 6 weeks old checkup.  We were pleased to meet Ted's wife, Samatha, and daughter Ana as well.
Branford waiting patiently for a sausage.

The afternoon was spent in their backyard playing with Ana.  Taking the Pink Ferry across to Branford the dog's favorite walk and lunch at a pub.  Then back to the ferry and home for a short play before we had to say goodbye.  As we were leaving, Ana says, "I will miss you!"  We miss her, too.  You have a wonderful family, Ted!

A beautiful family!

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