Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Decor in Kerylos

The ceiling in the library.
Carved wood ceilings, lovely handmade furniture, built in bookcases and displays, pieces of art that are centuries old; when this place was built, no expense was spared.  The architect was a lover of all things Greek as well, so between the two of them, a beautiful house was built and furnished.
A chair to relax in.

The library, complete with built in bookcases, beautiful tables and chairs, and displays for the may pieces brought back from Greece.

Not a replica, but the real thing.

I really like the designs on the vases.

Blown glass, once again an original not a replica.

Looking out toward the courtyard through the iron gate.  The gates have glass in them to keep the weather at bay.

The lamps, were electrified instead of being oil burners.

Grating was used to aid air ventilation from lower to higher levels in the house.

Door lead from one end of the house to the other, going through different rooms.  This is the private part of the house, with the bedrooms and bath of the owners.

A frieze in the kitchen, high up on the wall.

Lamps that still burned oil, just in case of a power outage?

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