Friday, September 20, 2013

Eglise Russe

The symbol of the Czars.
Nice has been a warm place to escape the cold winters of Northern Europe for a long time, especially after train travel was introduced.  Kings, Queens, Czars; they all left their marks on Nice.
The decoration on the outside of the church is beautiful.
Czar Alexander built a mausoleum on the side of the hill for his son who died in 1865 in Nice at the age of 21.  Then 40 years later, Czar Nicholas II built a Russian Orthodox Church in memory of the same man, his brother.  The church is beautiful on the outside, but sadly in need of restoration on the inside.  The inside did smell wonderful, though, from all the bees wax candles burning.

The onion shaped domes; there are four small ones surrounding the larger one. The gold topped on to the side is over the bell tower.
We tried to see the inside of the building when we were here in 2011, but, it was closed due to a legal battle between the church and Russia.  This time the legal battle was settled (Russia won).  Unfortunately, they do not let men in wearing shorts, even the longer ones that cover the knees.  So, third time was the charm for us.  Bill wore pants, I wore crops and inside we went.  Again, no pictures were allowed.

The walkway to the church, which is nestled in the middle of a peaceful garden.

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