Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bienvenue a Nice

After a horrible night at the B and B in Bristol (they had forgotten the mattress on the bed, only a thin pad covered the springs), we flew to Nice.  Flying on Easyjet is simple, especially when compared to Ryanair.  Our flight was early into Nice.  The line at passport control moved swiftly; gotta love the French and their passport control!  Luggage arrived intact.  They now have an express bus from the airport to the gare with only one stop; unfortunately, it costs 6 euros.  After purchasing our tickets, while waiting for the bus, I remembered we could have taken a different bus, not an express, but for 1.50 euros.  It always takes a while for the brain to start remembering these little details.

Philip and Gloria; they are as nice as their smiles!
Gloria and Philip welcomed us to their apartment. Their cats are Jasper and Zoe, Burmillas, a cross between a burmese and a chinchilla.  They are  beautiful cats!  Their fur is white underneath and tipped in shades of brown and grey.   Jasper is very friendly and talkative; Zoe more reserved.  Both demand belly rubs!

Jasper sitting on the front balcony.  He has pale green eyes.
Zoe on her special spot, keeping an eye on Bill.  She has pale blue eyes.

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