Monday, September 23, 2013

Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild's Garden

When you have a beautiful house, you should have beautiful gardens surrounding it.  Beatrice loved her gardens, although she hired gardeners to do the work, she was instrumental in the planning.  The gardens are divided into several different themes, so as you walk though, each has a distinct feel.

The view from Beatrice's bedroom terrace.

In the distance, the sea beckons.

Pools at every turn.

The water has been synchronised with music.

It moves up and down and swishes!

A temple at the top of the garden,

Below the temple, and at the far side of the garden, another view.

Mediterreanian plantings.

Beneath a staircase a hidden statue can not be seen from the top garden.  You must come down.

A grotto with running water, fish and statues.

A fountain inside the grotto.

At one time, you could get a cooling drink from this faucet.
Tucked in the middle of the garden, amid the Greek and Roman statues, temples and beautiful mediterranian plantings, is a tiny Japanese Zen garden.  Beatrice was enchanted by Japan and sent an envoy to come back with the pieces for her garden.
A tranquil garden.

The planting here have a lush feeling to them.

Koi waiting to be fed.
This is a garden I wish we could visit during each of the seasons.  I'm sure it changes beautifully.

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