Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Housesitting Sneezes

The view out our bedroom terrace.  While we haven't found any nests in the tree, there are always different birds sitting in it.
When we accept a housesit, we really don't know everything we are getting.  For the sit here in Nice, we didn't even have pictures, just a recommendation from folks we had stayed with before.  This was not a bad thing, as the apartment here is lovely, a penthouse with a terrace, large rooms and wonderful views in all directions.

Looking through the kitchen doors into the dining room.  Our bedroom is the door beyond.  All the doors are mirrored, which visually increases the size of the rooms.  The kitchen is reflected.
What we couldn't have known was the allergic reaction we both have had to the cat hair.  The cats are gorgeous, but they have extremely fine hair. So we have spent the better part of a week cleaning, washing slipcovers and pillow covers. Vacuuming every surface we can reach.  It has helped, as we are both better, but still cough a bit, as well as being congested.  We have decided to vacuum every other day to prevent a build up of hair.

The front terrace being used as the dryer. Although we have a tumble dryer, the rack works very well.  There are two lemon trees on the terrace, as well as several different herbs.
We have stayed with many cats over the years, but this was a first for both of us.  Will we take cats off our list of pets?  NO!  Besides, these two are affectionate beauties.  What's a bit of sneezing compared to that?

Who Me?  I wouldn't make you sneeze!  It must be the lemon trees.

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