Friday, September 13, 2013

Driving to Bristol

Tintern Abbey must have been spectacular when new.
We took the scenic route to Bristol from Shropshire.  Driving through beautiful scenery in the Wye Valley, we came upon the ruin of Tintern Abbey.
A brew from the Wye Valley.

Being thirsty and hungry, we visited the pub that shares the car park with the Abbey.  This is Wales, where English is the second language.
When in Wales, English is second on the signs.

Walking around the ruins, we came upon this sign.  Now you know where brass came from!  Can't say you don't learn anything while reading this blog!
A brass plaque commemorating brass.
On to Bristol and our B and B.  We took a side trip to the airport to find out where to return our car at 5 am.  Glad we went, as it wasn't really obvious in the daylight, so in the dark would have been impossible.

Tintern Abbey

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