Thursday, October 10, 2013

Food in Les Halles


The market is full of food.  There are the produce sellers, who have some very interesting vegies such as black radishes.  The heads of lettuce are huge and the selections are so much more than the iceberg we get in the US.  You want some fish?  There is fresh or salted, either from the lakes and rivers or the ocean.  The butcher has every sort of meat, some with body parts still attached so you can be sure of what you are buying.
Baked goods.
If you don't want to cook, there are baked goods.  Quiches, savory or sweet tarts, pates, pizzas, cakes, cookies, and breads with delicious toppings.  We bought a Provencal tart made with tomatoes and zucchini which we warmed up for lunch.  YUM!
One seller had a wide selection of wines from other places besides Burgundy.  Then there are the folks who specialize in the local wines and liqueurs.  So many choices, so little time to try them out.

We can not forget about the cheese.  I think we have tried several hundreds of types of cheeses since
we have been traveling to France.  Each part of the country has their own specialites.  The green one in the picture was new to us, but we didn't buy any, as we had several in the gite waiting to be eaten. 

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