Friday, October 04, 2013

Moon Setting Over Nice

 The moon setting viewed from the kitchen window.

This was a very nice place to spend a month.  The apartment is large with views every direction.  Jasper and Zoe are loving, lovely cats.  Jasper is curled up asleep in the chair next to me, softly snoring, as I write this.  The homeowners, Philip and Gloria, are fun to spend time with; warm and sharing.

We left Nice this morning going to Dijon.  We haven't been here before.  When we came to France, while our house in New Orleans was still flooded, our original plans were to visit this part of France.  After we got to Arles, it started raining and flooding in eastern France, so we looked at the weather map in the newspaper and headed towards the sunshine, away from the rain.  We didn't want to deal with anymore water, thank you very much!  Hopefully, this visit will be dry.

We have rented a gite/apartment in downtown Dijon, right in the middle of everything.  The car will stay parked and we will walk, unless we decide to visit a winery or two.  This is the center of Burgandy after all!

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