Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Dogs of France

The French love their dogs.  They range in size from little bitty to humongous, but they are all well behaved and well groomed.  We have enjoyed watching the dogs on our many visits.  The owners attempt to be unaware of us admiring their dogs, but we often get a smile after taking their dog's picture.  We have also found that the dogs know we are "dog people", even if we don't speak French very well. 

Tres chic in a red sweater.

Beautifully groomed and recently brushed;  how else do you keep a dog so white?

This lovely lady was at the local brochante.

Even the dogs love Le Tour de France!

Greyhounds seem to be everywhere. Correction!  Bill tells me this isn't a Greyhound, but a Pharoah Hound.  Well, that explains why he didn't look exactly right for a Greyhound. 

Big, hairy dog who loved to be rubbed.

These two were playing together, even though they were with different people.

Boxers are a very popular dog in France.  Who doesn't love boxers?

Fox Terriers are one of our favorites.

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