Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Les Halles de Dijon

The main entrance of Les Halles.
The market in Dijon is held in Les Halles, a beautiful building designed by Gustav Eiffel, who was born in Dijon.  It is a steel framed building with beautiful glass to let in the light.  The feel is more glasshouse than institutional.  An entire city block is covered by the building.  There are vendors all along the outside, as well as expanding down the side streets.
Our first view of Les Halles.  Retractable awnings protect the outside vendors.
On the outside of the building, vendors are covered by retractable awnings.  Here you will find everything imaginable for sale; food, clothing, antiques, flowers.  We visited on Tuesday, which is their slow day.  We are planning to go again on Friday.  It's suppose to rain, so there may not be as many outside vendors, but the inside should be full.

Although crowded with vendors and shoppers, the place is expansive.  The locals were out in force to fill their shopping carts.
Vendors have booths they rent.  
The Market inside is mainly food; fresh produce, fresh meats, cheeses, wines, and of course, since this is Dijon, mustards.  Dijon is also famous as the birth place of the Kir, a drink made with white wine and creme de cassis.  Our favorite is Kir Royale, made with champange and creme de cassis.
The clock is positioned high in the middle for all to see.
We spent most of our first walk though staring up at the ceiling and windows.  Although built in 1868,  the building has been wonderfully maintained; a true treasure for the Dijonnaise.
A more modern addition, the tile floors are easy to keep clean. 

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