Tuesday, October 15, 2013

L'Espiguette; Our Last Evening in Dijon

Menu 20 Euro
We decided to eat out our last evening in Dijon.  With all the local fresh foods, we usually cook for ourselves. but this being Burgundy, we wanted to try some of the local cuisine.  Walking down the main street from our apartment, we read all the menu boards in front of the restaurants.  This one sounded the best and the prices were right!  They offered three menus:  a special of the day at 18 euro, the 20 euro and the 29 euro.  Each had a different choice of dishes, but we liked the 20 euro choices the best.  (DUCK!)

Bill's Entre: Salad Landaise Geisers, Magret de Carnard

Mary's entre: Crustillant de Chevre Chaude et Chutney aux Fruits
We started with a kir, one of our favorite aperitifs.  We were too busy making our choices and talking to remember to take pictures of them.  They were delicious!

We had the same plat:  Parmentier de Canard aux Champigenons
Cote de Rhone wine, 2010
The restaurant had two people working that we could see;  our server, a young woman, and the chef, who came out when our entres were served to wish us "Bon Apetit!"  We wondered if they weren't husband and wife, since the ages were comparable and they both did a bit of everything.  

Bill's dessert:  Creme Bruille, the classic French dessert.
Mary's dessert: Profiterroles, ice cream in a puff pasty with whipped cream and chocolate sauce that is almost like a pudding.  YUM!

If you are ever in Dijon, we highly recommend this wonderful restaurant.  L'Espiguette, 65 Rue Jeannin, 21000 Dijon   Tel.

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