Monday, October 07, 2013

Jardin Botanique a Nice

The gardens are laid out according to where the plants originally grew.
We tried to go to the botanical gardens the last time we were in Nice, but we couldn't find the bus stop.  It wasn't because we didn't try; we must have walked 5 miles that day, with no luck.  So this time, we went to the offices for the bus, found the route map we needed, and set off.  It still took us a bit, but we knew which direction to head and soon were waiting at the stop with the correct bus number.
Sago Palm; we have these in our yard in Tucson.
The gardens are divided into sections, by country or area the plants are from.  Since this is a mediterrean climate, the plants are too.  Some are doing better than others, though.  The cactus look to be getting too much rain.
Agave Americana; a native to the American Southwest.

Nolina Interrata Gentry
 There are several plants we recognised from home and several we took note of to add to our landscape, if we can find them, such as the Nolina Longiforia.
Nolina Longiforia; loved the bark on this plant.  

Agave Attencata

Crassula Pubescens

Cook Island Pine
 The gardens are built on the side of the hill.  There are several great views off towards the sea.  The day we were there, the haze was too bad to take good pictures.
One of the locals, just hanging out in the sun.

No botanical garden would be complete without a water feature.

No water feature would be complete with a gold fish.
 While waiting for the bus to take us to the gardens, we noticed a rubber tree across the street.  Truly a tree.  I know they get snow here on occasion, but I guess it didn't hurt this guy!  We both started singing,"Whoops there goes another rubber tree plant!"
A really, really tall rubber tree across the street from the bus stop.  It would take a big ant to move this one!

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