Friday, October 04, 2013

Walking Over a Bridge

Looking up river to the larger vehicle bridge.  It also has pedestrian walkways on either side.
 To get from the new town of Ventimiglia to the old town, one has to cross the river.  We took the pedestrian bridge, which is very near to the river's mouth.
Mallards quacking in Italian.

Two cygnets.

Mother swan with her cyngets surrounded by ducks.  A woman was throwing bread from the bridge.
 There is a sea wall that keeps the salt water back.  The river flows rather fast, so the water is probably only a bit brackish.  We talked to an English couple who didn't know what the birds or fish were either; except Italian.  She thought that was a good joke, and it was!
The fish were about 30 inches long; some sort of scavenger.

These little guys were cute.

Don't know what they are, but their white faces really stand out.

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