Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Helen and Alice, Here's Your Picture!

Several things happen after arriving home from housesitting.  We unpack our suitcases swearing to never wear these clothes again, because after four months we are sick of them.  We sort through the papers we have from all the places we have visited; you know, receipts, entry tickets, and brochures, sometime asking outselves why we saved this stuff.  Bill downloads all our photos to his big desktop computer which has his favorite photo editing application, and goes to work turning pictures right side up, deleting the fuzzy or eyes closed pictures.  This is where we hit paydirt!  You see, we thought we had lost the picture of Helen and Alice, the homeowners in Werneth Low.  Try as we could, it was not to be found.  Then, on arriving home, there it was.  Not exactly on the date we took it, which is what threw us off, but found none the less.

So, to Helen and Alice, we thoroughly enjoyed staying in your home, playing with your dogs and cat, and getting to know the two of you.  Thanks for letting us housesit for you!!

Two of our favorite home owners:  Helen and Alice with their travel trailer hooked up and ready to roll.


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