Friday, October 11, 2013


The clock on top of Notre Dame in Dijon is known as Jacquemart.  The duke, Philip de Hardi, took the clock as war loot in 1382 from Courtrai, now Belgium.  He gave it to the people of Dijon in 1383, as a thank you for their help in the Flanders war.  In the 17th century, people joked about poor Jacquemart's bachelor status, so in 1651, a companion was added for him: Jacqueline.  In 1714, people made fun of their infertility, so a little Jacquelinet was made for them, who was joined in 1884 by Jacquelinette, to mark every quarter of an hour with him.  Thanks to The Owl's Trail from the Office of Tourism for this information.

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