Friday, October 18, 2013

Back to Ferriere-Larcon

When we arrived in Ferrier-Larcon, the home owners had already flown away.  Fortunately, we had a few days before flying home to Tucson, so we stopped by for an introduction, and to make sure they were taking good care of Harvey, Caline, Mossie and Fly!

Pauline and David
It has always been fun to return to a housesit to see if the animals remember us as friends, or run off and hide.  So far, we have an excellent track record of them remembering us fondly.  When we drove up to the house in Ferrier-Larcon, I got out to open the gate so we could drive in.  Once I had finished, I called softly to Harvey, as it was raining, so I didn't know if he would be outside on the porch.  Well, he came around the corner of the house, saw me and started making his happy to see you noises!  As I rubbed on him, Caline arrived, too.  She was wiggling and bouncing! 

Harvey trying to sit still for his photo. 
After Bill parked the car, we were finally able to meet Pauline and David, although Harvey and Caline did not want to leave us alone.  We spent three nights with them; visiting a brochante on Sunday,  eating wonderful meals cooked by Pauline, and, talking, talking, talking!  Finally meeting these two was wonderful.  We had an instant connection, even though we had only communicated via internet and phone.
Ccline was wiggling her tail so fast it made a blur.  If I got down in front of her, she would come climb in my lap which makes taking a picture difficult.

Pauline and David, you always welcome to visit our home any time!  Oh, and did I mention that the dogs were very pleased to see us?  The two cats recognized us, but being cats, they felt no need to demonstrate excitement.

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