Friday, October 04, 2013

Italian Dogs and Two Cats

This lovely lady really wanted to talk, but we couldn't reach her balcony.
A happy setter who was still wet from a swim in the river or maybe the sea.
 Walking through the market and up into the old town of Ventimiglia, we saw several dogs.  All looked well loved and happy, except the boxer, who really wasn't that pleased that we couldn't get close enough to pet her.
An Italian French Bulldog waiting on his owner to get off the phone.

There are lots of Yorkshire Terriers.

 We spotted the calico cat and whistled to make her look at us.  Then the other cat showed up to see what was going on.
"Take my picture, too."

This lovely lady was asked to sit and pose for our photo.  Her owner was very pleased that we wanted her picture.

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