Friday, October 11, 2013

Vendors on the Outside of Les Halles

Beautiful pots of blooming plants.

Bouquets ready for your home.
On the outside of Les Halles are vendors who are ready to sell you most anything you can think of, including some food products.   The rows of flower stalls are beautiful.  There are blooming plants, cut flowers and even silk flowers that look very real.

A different type of mushroom than the little white ones in the styrofoam boxes at Safeway.

Another type of mushroom.
This is the season for mushrooms.  The displays are piled high, some are reasonably priced, while others are, to our untrained pallet, outrageous.  The locals look at them, smell them, and finally make their selections.

Peppers by the bag full.

Display of root vegetables, with the black radishes front and center.
When you have had your fill of foods, it's time for other shopping.  The market has clothing to dress you from the skin out.  There are sellers of sewing goods, upholstery, furniture refinisher and rebuilders, leather goods, shoes, and on and on.
Bought too much?  Time for a new shopping basket.

Boots to keep you warm and dry during the wet winter; or to be tres chic.
We always want to buy, but the reality of getting it into our suitcases to go home, prevent us.  Oh, and maybe that little thing called money.  It doesn't matter if we buy or not, going the market is still one of our favorite things to do.

No French market is complete without a linen seller.

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